click here for MASHUP#1: [DIM] 12" samples

click here for MASHUP#2: BLACK NOISE GENERATOR 12" samples

click here for MASHUP#3: kLaNg kLaNg version 4 12" samples

    matt green ::[DRUM IN DENIAL 2]::::: this is a kickass version ofdrum in denial #1; which is is on MASHUP#3.
    duran duran duran ::[UFICKN]::::: u fickn! don't feel like coming up with a title?
    the maggot farmer::[HOMELAND INSECURITIES]:::::maggot's pissed ...homeland securities of the 43rd reich
    concrete cookie::[WARDANCE]:::::concrete cookie loves killing joke...and butchers their song to make it a little angrier. Now it's really WARDANCE.
    concrete cookie VS incredibad::[everybody dance]:::::MASH UP of concrete cookie VS the DUDES
    the maggot farmer::[domestic violence]:::::hard industrial techno
    concrete cookie::[ca90036]:::::starts off with neighbors beating eachother up with skateboard at 4am on a wednesday morning, and ends with discombobulated techno running around looking for bodyparts
    concrete cookie::[holidays in the sun]:::::jumparound techno punk...AKA HIGHLY ILLEGAL MASHUP ;]
    jism::[4am mother]:::::'soundscape created for the darkness before dawn: the memory of childhood nightmares'

jism::[abattoir]:::::live recording from 1992; when the bolt misses centre evil ambient mix [short version]

    punkt::[brwav]:::::yep...we love bogdan raczynski remix
    PAM::[SIGINT]:::::unfinished as usual
    mashup soundsystem